La Garderie Éducative de Kingston is an accredited non-profit daycare, established in Kingston, Ontario since 1981.

Our Mission

La Garderie Éducative de Kingston’s mission is to establish and maintain a French non-profit daycare with the intent of offering activities which will enhance the French culture while taking into consideration the needs and interests of the families, and ensure the children can grow in an enriching, safe and developmentally appropriate environment.

Our Vision:

  • All aspects of development are integral to the proper growth of the child
  • Each child is unique
  • The child’s needs and interests are the foundation of programming
  • Children learn through play
  • The collaboration between family and educators ensures a positive learning experience for the child.

Our Values:

  • Autonomy
  • Respect
  • Positive self esteem
  • Teamwork

It offers:

  • 10 spaces for infants (children between 0 - 18 months old)
  • 15 spaces for toddlers (18 months - 2.5 year of age)
  • 24 spaces for preschoolers

La Garderie Éducative de Kingston manages childcare programs in three different schools. Our head office is in the building of the École Madeleine-de-Roybon located at 72 Gilmour Avenue in Kingston.

  • 71 spaces are available at l'École Madeleine-de-Roybon (CEPEO), Service de garde EMDR
  • 46 spaces are available at Polson Park School (Limestone DSB) Service de Garde Polson Park
  • 71 spaces are available at Sir John A. MacDonald School (Limestone DSB), Service de Garde Sir John A. MacDonald